Mental Images

Just read this headline out loud to BUMD to determine whether or not I'd be going to hell alone. Guess I'll have company.
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Snuff Bed?

This definitely conjures up images of violence and dictionaries.

Clearly English isn't the seller's first language (at least, I hope not). Kudos to them for learning a second language.

When reality meets satire

This looks like an article from The Onion. Alas, it's real. The headlines on this site are definitely made for the radio. Also, I love the WTF look on the kid's face. Priceless.

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Swim-through surgery

This is apparently outpatient surgery at it's finest - he had open-heart surgery during workouts at a health club? Now that's a dedicated athlete.

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When free isn't for me

My brother's motto is "if it's free it's for me." I'll disagree with him here. Craigslist has lots of great things, but this is one of those "risky" purchases they warn you about. At least they're free. Hopefully, they haven't been used. I'm guessing this is the case, based on the "novelty item" and "may or may not work" comments.

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